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Promoters who want their event to reach more people and have greater appeal will love to broadcast their show live. The attraction of telling your fighters, fans and sponsors that your events can now go live and be broadcast around the world across the internet will get them pumped.

If you are an Instructor wanting to share your knowledge around the world through a virtual classroom you can do it as often as you like easily and create an additional revene stream. You already have an existing audience as we can syndicate your footage through 30,000+ sporting TV websites. Viewers mean dollars to you and every time your event or instructional class is played you could be paid.

You can film your own classes and events and forward it to us for a delayed broadcast or we can set you up with equipment and platform to do it your self or you can get us to do the whole lot. We can film an event with up to four cameras switching on a live broadcast under a Pay Per View system or under a Free To Air system. Some promoters film their own shows and offer it up to a traditional Pay TV Channel and once it watched it is lost. Our method is two fold by giving that footage a new and extended life which can make more money under our PPV or offer it for free so your sponsors get greater exposure and value. If you have your own film crew and just want the ability to broadcast live and reach our syndicated channels your cameras can hook up seamlessly into our equipment at a nominal cost.

We can get your show on a Pay TV channel and a number of web TV channels which can include a live broadcast, ask us how. It doesn't matter if it is a Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Mixed Martial Arts show you can either do it yourself or we can handle it for you.

We have the cameras and live broadcasting platform / equipment / syndication or you can buy your own hardware/software box and stream it through our infrastructure but you have total control over length of broadcast, the content, pay or free and who gets to watch it. Call 03 9897 3123

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